2021 Moomba Mojo Review

Harness the Power of Powerful Wakes & Massive Waves on the Water

Heavy Hitting Wakes & Tall Surf Waves

When it comes to the Moomba lineup, you have most likely heard of the Moomba Mojo a time or two. The Mojo has stood the test of time and been a crowd favorite for several years. However, Moomba wanted to take this crowd favorite to the next level for the 2021 model year. Despite releasing the newly re-designed Mondo at the beginning of the 2021 model year, Moomba decided to do a slightly later release of the all new and re-designed 2021 Moomba Mojo.

You may be asking "why fix what isn't broken", but for Moomba it was an easy decision. With the whole lineup constantly improving by bringing more features to the table and offering superior performance, it was time for the fan favorite Mojo to get a re-design of its own. In order to give you the tool kit to make the most out of your boat, Moomba decided to go big on the new 2021 Mojo. This means a stunning 4,000 lbs of factory ballast, along with Moomba's Flow 2.0 Surf System. When combined, these two systems not only provide you with massive wakes and waves, they also give you the ability to dial in your surf waves to best suit each rider.

The 2021 Moomba Mojo Offers Tons of Features

When it comes to standard features, the 2021 Moomba Mojo is far from lacking. However, Moomba allows you to take this boat to the next level with several premium options. Some of these options include GPS Mapping, their 7" Full-Color Display, and Flow 3.0 Surf System. In addition, you are also able to equip the all new Mojo with Moomba's Pro Tower that can be found standard on the Moomba Makai.

Don't want all of the bells and whistles, or just don't care for them? No worries! The Mojo packs loads of performance, even without all of the premium options. This boat is more than capable of churning out surf waves that will rival almost any other boat in its class, while also producing a professional level wakeboard wake that is able to accommodate riders of all different skill levels.

2021 Moomba Mojo Specs

Length: 23'
Length w/ Platform: 25'
Width: 102"
Weight: 4,800 lbs
Capacity: 17 People
Ballast Weight: 4,000 lbs
Fuel: 70 Gallons
Engine: Indmar Raptor 400/450 6.2L
2021 Moomba Mojo: Superior Comfort & Convenience

You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It

When it comes to choosing your first wake boat, or even upgrading from your current wake boat, there are a lot of things that you must consider. While we can provide you specs and testimonials all day about how great the 2021 Moomba Mojo performs, we encourage for you to see it for yourself. If you are looking to get yourself into a brand new wake/surf boat and feel the all new and re-designed Mojo might be the best fit for you and your crew, you should consider scheduling a test drive.

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