MasterCraft made its first splash into the world of waterskiing back in 1968 with a custom built ski boat. That boat was aimed to deliver the smallest and best shaped wakes for waterskiing. Since then MasterCraft has greatly expanded to deliver thousands of ski, wake, luxury, and performance boats each year. MasterCraft has become famous for being the industry leader in performance, styling, quality, comfort, and new product innovation. No MasterCraft has 4 different product lines in order to accommodate riders of all skill levels.

Gen 2 Surf System

MasterCraft’s revolutionary Gen 2 Surf System serves up not only the best surf waves in the industry, but also the most customizable. This system allows for the driver to quickly and effortlessly take the wave from easy to epic. That means this system is capable of delivering the perfect endless wave for everybody. Every aspect of this system is easily controlled through the dashboard with the use of only one finger.

The Gen 2 Surf System is far more than a tab or device slapped onto the side of a boat. This is a comprehensive system that has been custom designed to work seamlessly with each boat model. The system consists of the ballast system, two wake shaping devices, and the software that controls it. By using the ballast system you are able to achieve much larger waves due to increased displacement. The wake shaping devices supplement the weight of the boat and ballast, they give you the ability to make fine adjustments to get your wave dialed in perfectly.

No two models have the exact same Gen 2 Surf System configuration. With so many different hull designs and models it is hard to make a one size fits all solution. This is why MasterCraft chose to go above the rest and custom tailor the surf system to each of its boats. That means you will get the absolute best performance possible out of your boat.

DockStar Handling System

When it comes to operating a boat one of the most stressful tasks you will face is often docking. This is extremely challenging for some first time boat owners. MasterCraft’s DockStar Handling System gives you superior control when maneuvering in reverse. This is achieved by the placement of two additional rudders in front of the propeller. These rudders are setup to ensure there are no negative affects on the waves or wakes.

Traditionally you are only able to back up in a single direction easily, this is due to the rotation of the prop. The DockStar Handling System gives you the ability to direct the prop-wash underneath the boat when operating in reverse. This technology was developed to give the driver better peace of mind and more confidence when operating the boat in tight spaces.

MasterCraft Series

NXT Series

Built for the budget oriented MasterCraft Buyer. MasterCraft’s NXT series packs a serious punch on the water. You get the great performance and reliability you would expect from MasterCraft, for a fraction of the price. Available in 20 and 22 feet models, there is a perfect NXT for every family. Equipped with traditional switches and gauges, these boats are intuitive and easy to use for operators of all skill levels. The NXT series allows for you to get into a brand new MasterCraft without blowing your budget out of the water.

XT Series

The MasterCraft XT series is ideal for those who want to get their toes wet through a variety of water sports. Available in a wide variety of sizes, there is an XT series boat to fit the needs of every family. With incredible crossover capabilities, the XT series finds that perfect sweet spot in performance and versatility. These boats come standard with MasterCraft’s 4.3” display, but can be upgraded to both the Dual Screen Dash and 7” Displays. The XT series is ideal for the family that wants to do it all.

X Series

When it comes to luxury and performance MasterCraft’s X series delivers just that. The X series is where refinement and sophistication are seamlessly merged with performance and power. These boats are only equipped with the best and baddest features to make the best out of your time on the water. Loaded with tons of standard features, the X series also extremely customizable so you and your family can make your boat unique. Don’t just hang out on the water, live in luxury this boating season.

Star Series

Built with the serious riders in mind, the Star series is known for its legendary performance. With each boat in this series being designed for one intended purpose, these boats truly are built to be the best at what they do. Often known as the choice boat of many pro riders, the Star series will far from disappoint riders of all skill levels. Re-think what is possible and push your limits with endless performance. This series features the ProStar, a dedicated ski boat, as well as the XStar, which is a dedicated wakeboarding and wake surfing boat.