Why Should You Winterize Your Boat?

When it comes to taking care of your boat, an extremely important part of general maintenance is your winter preparation. Without proper winter preparation you run the risk of costly damages to your boat come springtime. Due to boats utilizing water too cool and operate many components, during freezing cold temperatures this water will often expand causing hoses to burst and in extreme cases metal components to crack.

When we winterize your boat at SouthTown Watersports, your boat is backed by our Winterization Guarantee. This helps ensure that your investment is well taken care and won't be susceptible to damages caused from the inevitable cold weather.

To schedule your boat's winterization service, use the buttons below to schedule your service online or give us a call! Don't wait until the freezing weather is here, get ahead to ensure your boat is properly protected!

Prevent Damage Due To Freezing Temperatures

When it comes to freezing temperatures, the sad truth is that boat's aren't designed to handle this weather unless they have been properly serviced beforehand. Unlike a car, boats use water from the lake to assist in cooling the engine and additional components in the boat. During cold snaps or long freezes during the winter months it isn't uncommon for this water to freeze and expand, this often times causes very costly repairs that can severely inhibit the start of your boating season.
During the winterization process, our team will go through all of the raw water systems of your boat and ensure that the water has been properly drained. Following the draining of raw water, our team will then flush the system with marine grade anti-freeze to prevent any water that may still be in the system from freezing and causing damage.

Have Peace Of Mind During The Winter

During the winter the last thing that you want to have to worry about is your boat. This is why all of our winterizations performed before the major freeze of the year are backed by our Winterization Guarantee.

* All winterizations qualifying for the guarantee must be completed before the first major freeze of the season, our team must be the ones to de-winterize the boat, and there must be no signs of the boat being used throughout the winter before the de-winterization service.

Additional Winter Services

Fluid Changes (Engine/Transmission)

Prevent any built up moisture within the oil from causing damage to internal components over the winter.

Ballast System Winterization

Prevent damage to ballast pumps, hoses, and tanks due to water being left in the system.

Freshwater System Winterization

Protect any fresh water systems such as wash-out stations, showers, heads, or sinks.

Gelcoat Restoration & Repair

Take care of any unsightly blemishes during the winter to avoid downtime during the boating season.

Schedule Your Boat's Winnter Service Today

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Boat Winterization Service