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Raleigh, North Carolina

Moomba Boats is fueled by a relentless passion for innovation and a strong dedication to its customers. With a reputation for high customer satisfaction, Moomba knows that an outstanding boating experience goes beyond just creating great waves – it's founded on trust and dependability.

At the heart of Moomba's range is cutting-edge technology. These boats are crafted for enthusiasts who seek the perfect balance of high performance and practicality. Equipped with easy-to-use, intelligent systems and interfaces, Moomba Boats let you concentrate on enjoying your time on the water, while they effortlessly manage the technical aspects.

18 Consecutive CSI Awards

Received 18th Straight Customer Satisfaction Survey from the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

5-Year Warranty

All Mooma's come with a 5-year parts and 2-year labor factory warranty. * (Screen components receive a 3-year warranty)

Innovative Technology

Moomba always strives to provide best in class technology and features such as AutoWake!

Surf System

What Distinguishes Moomba Boats?

Moomba Boats are synonymous with exceptional build quality. Each boat they create is subject to thorough inspection and stringent testing, guaranteeing that it surpasses the highest quality standards. Built for lasting durability, Moomba Boats are designed to provide numerous seasons filled with adventure and cherished memories.

Moomba Boats showcase modern styling throughout their range, merging sleek contemporary looks with practical design. These boats are crafted to impress visually and perform exceptionally. Featuring clean lines, customizable graphics, and various color choices, they offer a unique way to express personal style. The interiors boast spacious designs, high-quality materials, and comfortable seating, creating an inviting space for relaxation and enjoyment on the water.

Moomba carefully chooses features to elevate your time on the water. Their boats include sophisticated ballast systems for creating the ideal wake, and high-quality audio packages to provide the perfect summer soundtrack. Every aspect is designed for your pleasure, demonstrating Moomba's commitment not just to building boats, but to crafting experiences that resonate with modern water sports enthusiasts.

Exceptional Features & Performance

Engine Compartment

Flow Surf w/ AutoWake

Adjusting your surf waves is now simpler than ever with Moomba's Flow Surf System. This system empowers you to precisely shape your boat's surf waves, maximizing their potential. Additionally, the AutoWake feature eliminates the guesswork in wave setup, ensuring a perfect surf wave every time, right from the start

Transom Remote

7-Inch Full Color Touch Display

Experience complete control of your boat with ease! Every Moomba model comes equipped with a vibrant 7-inch full-color touch display. This intuitive interface puts all necessary settings within easy reach, along with customizable gauges to keep your most important information visible. For those who favor a traditional approach, Moomba also includes manual toggle switches, blending modern technology with classic functionality.

Backup Camera

Powered by Indmar

The engine is crucial for your boat's durability and performance, which is why Moomba opts for Indmar's Raptor Series Engines. These robust 8-cylinder, 6.2L engines deliver an impressive 580 ft-lbs of torque, providing ample power for any adventure. Additionally, the Indmar Raptor engines are backed by a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.

Current Moomba Boat Models

2024 Moomba Mondo

Length: 20' | Ballast: 3,700 lbs

Designed specifically for smaller and size-restricted lakes, the Moomba Mondo is a compact powerhouse. With a dry weight of just 4,000 lbs, it meets the length and weight limits of most restricted lakes. But don't let its size fool you; the Mondo is no underperformer. Equipped with 3,700 lbs of standard ballast, this agile boat can produce forceful waves and sharp wakes, proving that great things come in small packages.

2024 Moomba Kaiyen

Length: 21' 5" | Ballast: 3,700 lbs

If you're drawn to the sleek design of the Moomba Makai but prefer a slightly smaller boat, the Moomba Kaiyen is a perfect choice. Measuring 21' 5" in length, the Kaiyen delivers outstanding wakes and waves. It offers ample space for up to 15 people, making it suitable for groups of various sizes. Additionally, the Kaiyen can be outfitted with many of the premium features typically found on the Mojo and Makai models.

2024 Moomba Craz

Length: 22' | Ballast: 4,500 lbs

The Moomba Craz has become increasingly popular over time, thanks to its ideal size and outstanding crossover performance. With its significant revamp in 2023, the Moomba Craz received a major upgrade, now boasting 4,500 lbs of factory ballast and the ability to produce some of the finest waves in its class. Additionally, the Craz stands out in the Moomba range with its more traditional bow and classic design.

2024 Moomba Max

Length: 22' 6" | Ballast: 4,000 lbs

The Moomba Max is a boat where performance takes the center stage. Offering unparalleled value, the Max measures 22' 6" and is equipped with an impressive 4,000 lbs of ballast, making it a formidable surf machine at a fraction of the cost of other high-performing boats. Designed with a focus on value, the Max delivers all the necessary performance features without the extra frills.

2024 Moomba Mojo

Length: 23' | Ballast: 4,000 lbs

The Moomba Mojo is a key model in the Moomba Boats range, hitting the perfect size at 23 feet, making it suitable for lakes of various sizes. With enough room to comfortably accommodate 17 passengers, the Mojo ensures there's ample space for a full day of fun on the water without feeling crowded. It comes standard with Moomba's Pro Tower and can be further enhanced with high-end options like Stern Thrusters and a Power Folding Tower.

2024 Moomba Tykon

Length: 24' | Ballast: 4,500 lbs

If you're a fan of the Moomba Max's performance but desire more space, the Moomba Tykon is the ideal choice. It features a substantial 4,500 lbs of factory ballast and has room for 18 passengers. Excelling in both size and value, the Moomba Tykon strikes a perfect balance, offering exceptional worth for its standard features and performance. To explore our Tykon selection, click the button below.

2024 Moomba Makai

Length: 24' 5" | Ballast: 4,000 lbs

Nicknamed the "Lake Limo" soon after its debut, the Moomba Makai is the longest boat in Moomba's lineup. A key distinction between the Makai and the Tykon lies in the availability of high-end options like Dual Stern Thrusters and a Power Folding Tower. Additionally, the Makai boasts a second driver's screen made by Garmin, an excellent feature for those venturing to unfamiliar lakes.

Explore Moomba Boats

Moomba stands out for offering unparalleled value in its class, especially regarding optional features. Amenities that are often considered upgrades with other brands, like non-skid flooring, a surf system, and ballast, come standard on Moomba boats. But don't just take our word for it! Click the button below to explore our current range of Moomba boats and discover firsthand why so many customers choose the Moomba brand!

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