The All-New, Redesigned, Supra SE

Supra Boats just revamped the biggest boat in their lineup to make it even better, the Supra SE. Coming in at 24.5 feet in length the Supra SE is the largest boat in the Supra lineup. With premium features like over 4,000 lbs of factory sub-floor ballast, Vision Control touch-screen system, the FXOne power folding tower, and room for 18, this boat redefines what it means to be on the water.

The Specs:

Length: 24'5"
Beam: 102"
Weight: 6,150 lbs
Ballast: 4,100 lbs
Fuel capacity: 83 gal
Seating capacity: 18
Standard engine: 6.2 L 450 (575 optional)
Draft: 28"

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