2020 Moomba Makai Review

The Big Surf Boat Without The Price Tag

Making it's debut to the Moomba Boats lineup in 2019, the Moomba Makai has done nothing short of redefine the Moomba brand as a whole. Coming in at an astonishing 24'5", the 2020 Moomba Makai is by far the longest boat that Moomba has ever released. Despite this boat's large footprint, Moomba has stayed true to their philosophy and delivered the Moomba Makai at a price point that won't sink your wallet. In addition to being nearly 25 feet in length, the Makai also comes equipped with more standard features and options than any other boat currently in the lineup. Aside from prociding exceptional wake and surf performance, the Moomba Makai also provides enough room for 18 passengers and plenty of storage for all of their gear.

What's Different from 2019

Over the past few years Moomba has been making tons of changes to redefine what the Moomba Boats brand stands for. As expected, the Moomba lineup for 2020 features loads of new features, both optional and standard.

Lets start out by talking about the standard options that are offered on the 2020 Moomba Makai. The 2020 Makai is factory equipped with Moomba's Pro Tower, 4,000 lbs of G6 subfloor ballast, a recessed transom walkthrough, and a 7" touchscreen dash with a charging pad. In addition to these great standard features, Moomba also offers a few optional features. Some of these features include an integrated heater, Flow 3.0 Surt System, and the Triton vertical board racks from Roswell.

Looking to get even more power and performance out of your boat? The Moomba Makai can be equipped from the factory with the Raptor 400, 450, or 575. With so many configuration options to choose from, what will your new Moomba Makai have? To browse our full Maka inventory click here or click the button at the bottom of the page.

2020 Moomba Makai: Subfloor Ballast Surf and Wakeboard Boat
2020 Makai: Exceptional Power and Performance

Moomba Max Specs

Length:24' 5"
Overall:26' 5"
Boat Weight:5,200 lbs
Ballast Weight:4,000 lbs
Fuel Capacity:60 Gallons
Seating Capacity:18 People
Engine:400, 450, or 575