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Unraveling the PTX Tritoon: Premier Pontoons’ Engineering Marvel

Premier Pontoons have redefined luxury and comfort with their Patented PTX Tritoon design. Their Tritoon design provides exceptional comfort and maneuverability both at high and low speeds. Keep reading to learn more about the PTX Tritoon Design from Premier Pontoons.

Why Should You Winterize?

Winterization is a crucial part of protecting your boat. Without proper service being completed before the winter months you run the risk of costly damage to your boat’s engine and other raw water systems. To learn more about the benefits of winterization and what’s involved, check out this blog.

2022 Supra SA Review

2022 Supra SA Review: Official PWT Towboat

Supra’s Flagship model, the Supra SA, leaves very little to be desired when you consider its pro level wakes along with its functionality and space. The SA has more features than you can handle with all the things you love and a ton of features you didn’t even know you needed. Before we dive into the details, lets look at the specs. Coming in at 22′ 5″ in length with a 102″ beam, the SA can seat 16 people and boasts a wopping 3,500 lbs of standard subfloor ballast.

2022 Moomba Kaiyen Review

2022 Moomba Kaiyen Review: The Compact Powerhouse

For the 2022 model year Moomba has really brought the heat, and we mean BROUGHT IT! When the Kaiyen came out in 2019 we didn’t think they could improve much on such a great boat! Well 3 years later Moomba Boats has done it once again and proven us wrong. The Kaiyen is a wakeboat slammed to the brim with features and unmatched performance.

2021 Moomba Mojo Review: Blog Post

2021 Moomba Mojo Review: The Newly Re-Designed Mojo

2021 Moomba Mojo Review Harness the Power of Powerful Wakes & Massive Waves on the Water Heavy Hitting Wakes & Tall Surf Waves When it comes to the Moomba lineup, you have most likely heard of the Moomba Mojo a time or two. The Mojo has stood the test of…

An Easier Boat Buying Experience

Boat Buying Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

We Believe Boat Buying Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult A Low Stress Atmosphere When it comes to buying a boat, there can be a lot of stress involved in the experience. From choosing the right boat, looking at financing options, and closing on your boat there is a lot to…

Moomba Offers a No Worries Boating Experience

We Believe Moomba Offers a Worry Free Boating Experience

We BelieveMoomba Offers a Worry Free Boating Experience The Moomba Advantage We have told you about several of the great features that the Supra Boats lineup has to offer, but what about the Moomba Boats lineup? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about everybody’s favorite value premium lineup of boats. When…

We Believe Supra Has The Best Driver Control System

We Believe Supra Has The Best Driver Control System

We Believe Supra Has The Best Driver Control System Simplify Your Driving Experience When it comes to a wakeboard or wakesurf boat there are a lot of different things the driver needs to have control over. In addition to driving the boat, they also need to be able to quickly…

2021 Supra SL Review: Where Luxury & Performance Meet

2021 Supra SL Review The Perfect Combination of Luxury and High Performance There Is No Need To Compromise! When it comes to purchasing your first, or even your next, boat there are tons of options on the market. Between all of the different brands and models available it can often…