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Supra Boats AutoWake

Supra Boats

Supra Boats are always associated with luxury since the very beginning. Using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, Supra, has built a reputation for quality and high performance. Year on year Supra Boats continue to push the boundaries of what we think is possible.


AutoWake provides the perfect wake at the touch of a button on the Vision Touch system. How your boat hull sits in the water is the key factor in achieving a precise wake or surf wave. The intelligent system monitors the pitch and roll of the boat adjusting the ballast automatically to keep the perfect wake formation.

You no longer need to move people around the boat to adjust the wake formation or adjust ballast settings to level the boat out. If someone does want to change seats mid session then AutoWake will take care of keeping the boat in the perfect position!

This system takes care of it all, including monitoring the depth of the water, which allows you to concentrate on your performance behind the boat. The AutoWake system is fully integrated with the Supra Boats Swell 2.0 System and Supra Boats Smart Plate so you can fully customize the setup to each rider preference.

Swell Surf System and Smart Plate

The Supra Boats Swell Surf System is on its second generation and is a hallmark of Supra performance. The updated system has been redesigned with contoured plates reducing calm water turbulence while directing it to the sweet spot. This helps deliver a clean face with more height and unmatched push. Supra Boats have also upgraded the Smart Plate with 50% more surface area. Therefore you can now fine tune your wakes and waves to anything from beginner to advanced rider capabilities.

Supra Launch System

Finally, combining the Supra Smart Plate and revised Swell Surf System, the Supra Boats Launch System consequently makes planing with a large load faster and smoother then ever before. Therefore you can simply punch the throttle and feel the low drag system do all the work for you.

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