2020 Moomba Max Review

The Value Surf Boat That Delivers

The 2020 Moomba Max was first introduced into the Moomba Boats lineup in 2018. Designed with performance and affordability in mind, the 2020 Max provides exceptional wake and surf performance at a price point that won't break the bank. Coming in at just under 23' in length with 3,200 lbs of standard ballast, this boat is more than capable of serving up massive wakeboard wakes. When you combine that with Moomba's Flow 2.0 Surf System, you receive exceptional surf waves that are highly customizable. Looking past all of the performance there is more about this boat than just what meets the eye. The 2020 Moomba Max features larges amounts of storage all throughout the boat. This means you can pack it in for a fun day on the water without having to leave gear behind.

What's Different from 2019

Over the past few years Moomba has been making tons of changes to redefine what the Moomba Boats brand stands for. As expected, the Moomba lineup for 2020 features loads of new features, both optional and standard.

Lets start out with the standard options that are now offered on the 2020 Moomba Max. Every new Moomba is now factory equipped with a non-skid walkthrough on the sundeck as well as a non-skid step on the rear convertible seat. This makes getting in and out of your boat far easier as well as it helps keep dirt off of your seats. Another feature that is now offered standard is the removable backrest located behind the drivers seat.

Now that we have talked about the new standard features, lets look at some of the optional features that can help set your boat apart. One major update we were glad to see with the Moomba Max for 2020 was the addition of an upgraded ballast option. This means that you are now able to get up to 4,000 lbs of stock ballast from the factory. In addition to the optional ballast, you are also able to get the wireless charging pad (seen on the Kaiyen, Craz, Mojo, and Makai) as an option on the Moomba Max.

2020 Moomba Max: The Affordable Wake & Surf Boat That Performs
2020 Max: Featuring a Deep Hull and Unbeatable Storage

Moomba Max Specs

Length:22' 6"
Overall:24' 6"
Boat Weight:4,500 lbs
Ballast Weight:3,200 lbs
Fuel Capacity:65 Gallons
Seating Capacity:17 People
Engine:400 or 450