2022 Moomba Kaiyen Review

Big Performance in a Small Package

2022 Moomba Kaiyen - Dash

Making Waves in the Industry

For the 2022 model year Moomba has really brought the heat, and we mean BROUGHT IT! When the Kaiyen came out in 2019 we didn't think they could improve much on such a great boat! Well 3 years later Moomba Boats has done it once again and proven us wrong. The Kaiyen is a wakeboat slammed to the brim with features and unmatched performance. If Moomba continues on this path, they could fool us all by slapping a Supra logo on the site and calling it a day. Well maybe not the Supra logo part, but at the end of the day you will be asking yourself what more Moomba could really add to this boat without it being considered "luxury". In this blog and review we are going to walk you through the Kaiyen step by step and hopefully by the end you will be as stoked on this boat as we are!

Features & More Features

Yes, we know that we always talk about features. However, when it comes to the 2022 Moomba Kaiyen there is no shortage of standard and even optional features. As a matter of fact, there are too many features for us to write out or showcase in a single video, so we will have to tell you about a few that really stand out and are new for 2022. One of the most exciting features to make it's way to the Moomba lineup is the ThermoSkinz vinyl (known as ChillTech on the Supra lineup) which comes in Pecan and Dark Graphite. The 2022 Moomba Boats also feature a new wireless phone charger design to help keep your phone charged and out of the sun so you don't miss any photo-ops on the water! For even more information on features watch our review or contact your local SouthTown Watersports.

2022 Moomba Kaiyen Specs

Length: 21' 6"
Beam: 102"
Weight: 4,500 lbs
Ballast: 3,700 lbs
Capacity: 15 People
Fuel: 45 Gallons
Engines: Raptor 400 6.2L

Have We Peaked Your Interest?

Now that we have your attention, we know that you want to know even more about the 2022 Moomba Kaiyen! To find out more information watch our review, contact your SouthTown Watersports sales representative, or head on over the the Moomba Boats website to see the full list of specs and features!