Buying and Boating During COVID-19

Press The Play Button On Life Again During This Pandemic

Why Now Might Actually Be the Perfect Time to Buy a Boat and Get out on the Water!

What’s that? A boat dealership thinks now is a good time to buy a boat? You’d probably be more surprised if we told you there was any time that wasn’t the perfect time to buy, but hear us out! The current state of the world has brought about a lot of uncertainty and fear, but it has also given us the chance to connect with those closest to us like never before. In this post, we’ll be breaking down the ways that boating can help you take advantage of this bad situation and turn it into an outlet to press the play button on life again.

What Else Can You Do?

First, it’s important for us to let you know that boating can absolutely be a safe activity during this pandemic, but only if done right. A lot has already been written about how you can follow social distancing guidelines while boating, so for the purposes of this article, we’re not going to focus on that. There’s a great article that breaks that down here on Discore Boating's website. Now, with that out of the way, let’s be honest. We’re bored to tears over here. With our lives put on pause in a way that has never been seen in most of our lifetimes, we’re all looking for a way to get out of the house (safely) and find that outlet that lets us forget about it all for a little while. Under any circumstance, that outlet has always been boating for us. It has a way of bringing the family together in one place and encouraging everyone to be mentally present and focused on a shared experience. While every area of the country is a little different, recreation, including boating, is one of the few ways that you can still safely and legally enjoy this kind of experience in most places. In short, while there’s not much else to do, why not put your time into something that will build memories and bonds that last a lifetime?

Boating Can Be a Safe Activity During This Pandemic
Spend Time With Your Family On The Water During COVID-19

A Change of Plans

Okay, so maybe we have you convinced that floating on your own private oasis in the middle of a lake is a place you’d like to be right now. That experience certainly doesn’t come for free, but consider this: the pretty penny that you had planned to use on a trip to Disney World would now make a fine down payment on a boat. Plus, while that trip would certainly have been memorable, it only would have lasted so long. Owning a boat unlocks the chance to see your kids grow up on the water, from their first steps to the time their old room becomes your new home-gym. At the risk of tugging too hard at your heart strings, you only get about 18 years, and how you spend them is up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but for those of us that grew up on the water, we know that those experiences and memories are ones that we carry with us forever. While traveling as a way for you to spend that quality time is likely to escape you for the entire summer this year, boating together is one way to ensure that the experience won’t.

Want to Learn More?

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