Moomba Boats

Moomba Boats, the little brother to Supra, packs the power and performance you would expect from a Supra Boat in an affordable package. This brand is the most reliable, trusted, and highest performing towboats in it's category. These boats are built for owners who see nothing but endless summers and peace of mind ahead.


AutoWake with Predictive State takes the guesswork out of dialing in the absolutely perfect wakes and waves. With the simple push of a button the intelligent system monitors the pitch and roll of the boat, adjusting ballast automatically to keep the perfect wake and wave formation. Predictive state allows for your boat to be ready to go before you even throttle down, this gives you a clean wave or wake right out of the gate.

There is no longer a need to constantly shift people around or manually adjust your ballast to setup the perfect waves and wakes. If some body gets up mid-set to move seats AutoWake will automatically accommodate for the shift in weight. This ensures that your boat will maintain the perfect position in the water.

This intuitive system takes care of it all. Everything from making adjustments to measuring the depth of the water, so you can focus on your performance behind the boat. AutoWake is fully integrated with the Flow 2.0 & Flow 3.0 Systems, the SmartPlate, and ballast system.

Flow 2.0 / Flow 3.0 & SmartPlate

Achieving the best shaped wave possible is one of the most important aspects of operating a boat while wake surfing. Moomba’s Flow 2.0 surf system gives you the ability to do just that. The Flow 2.0 surf system delivers long pockets and a crisp wave with a clean lip to satisfy the desires of every wake surfer.

Looking to get more out of your Moomba? When you step up to the Craz Pro you get upgraded to the Flow 3.0 surf system. The Flow 3.0 surf system provides you with a cleaner face of the wave to give you a superior wake surfing experience.

Plates aren’t just for wake surfing. These high performance boats also feature a SmartPlate in the middle of the boat between the Flow surf system. This plate allows you to adjust the pitch of the boat in the water whether you are wake surfing or wakeboarding. The SmartPlate is yet another way that Moomba gives the driver full control of their waves and wakes.

Additional Features

New Dash & 7" Touchscreen Display

Re-designed for the 2019 model year. Moomba released their all new dash design and 7" full color touchscreen display on select models. The new dash design features a much lower profile design to give the driver far more visibility while sitting in the seat. When it comes to functionality the 7" touchscreen gives you the ability to change every important setting in only a few taps. Make the most out of your time on the water and spend less time clicking through screen after screen to find one simple setting.

Ballast Sensors

When it comes to filling up your boat with ballast we all know how important it is to make sure the bags are completely full. Moomba has introduced a new set of ballast sensors to let you know when your bags have reached full capacity. Traditional ballast timers aren't always accurate, if they are set to low your bags won't full fully, and if they are set too high you risk blowing fittings on your bags. Moomba's ballast sensors help ensure your bags are completely full without causing any damage.

Gator-Step Flooring

Comfort is constantly in high demand when shopping for a new wake boat. That is why Moomba gives you the option to add Gator-Step flooring to any new Moomba model. This non-skid flooring provides superior traction and appearance over carpet. To top it all off Gator-Step dries quickly, so there is no longer a need for smelly carpet. Moomba also offers the option to get Gator-Step installed on the gunnels of the boat to make getting in and out much safer.

Bimini Surf Storage

Storage often becomes an issue when you are on the water for a full day of fun and memory making. With boards, gear, and people the boat can run out of room fairly quickly. Moomba's A3 bimini you are able to store up to 2 surf boards on top and out of the way. These secure pockets safely hold your boards in place even through rough water. This means you can pack more of what you want without the need to leave it at the dock.