We Believe Supra Has The Best In Class Standard Features

Supra Boats has tons of Premium Standard Features

When looking to buy your first, or even your next, boat you will often try and determine what features you don't need in order to save yourself a little bit of money. Supra has really changed the game by making tons of high end and premium features standard across their entire lineup. This not only allows you to save some money on upgrades, it also ensure that the whole lineup has a consisted and premium feel. Standard features also make selecting your ideal boat much easier as well, you no longer have to worry about finding the boat in your desired color but then realizing it doesn't have non-skid flooring, or the Vision Control system. For more information on some of the features that make Supra stand out from the rest of the manufacturers in it's class, keep reading or contact your SouthTown Watersports sales representative today. Since there were too many standard features for us to list, you can see a complete list of standard features on the Supra Boats website by clicking here!

Standard Features Across The Supra Lineup!

Standard ChillTech Vinyl Interior

ChillTech Vinyl

There is nothing worse than hopping into your boat on a hot summer day and burning yourself on your seats. Rather than constantly splashing water or throwing towels over the seats, Supra has decided to make their ChillTech vinyl standard on all Supra models. This premium vinyl gives you the ability to have darker colored interiors that won't blister you in the heat!

Standard GatorStep Non-Skid Flooring

GatorStep Non-Skid Flooring

Carpet is a thing of the past in the Supra Boat's lineup! You no longer have to worry about getting your carpet wet and having a damp smell next time you go to use your boat. All Supra Boats come standard with 2 color GatorStep flooring with the option to upgrade to a 3 color design as shown above. GatorStep not only dries faster than carpet, it also provides better traction.

Standard Heated Captains Chair

Heated Captains Chair

When operating your boat Supra wants you to feel like a king or queen with the absolute best seat in the house! This is why they have chosen to make their heated captains chair a feature across the whole lineup. Supra's new captains chair design and standard seat warmer makes driving your boat far more comfortable, no matter what time of the year it is.

Standard Rear Facing Convertible Seat

Convertible Rear Seating

Odds are that a large portion of the action will happen behind your boat. Whether you chose to wakeboard, ski, wake surf, tube, or anything else, this standard convertible rear seat provides a great seat to enjoy the action. The convertible rear seat also acts as a table when partially converted. Once fully converted it provides a rear facing seat and backrest.

Standard Swell Surf System w/ Autowake

Swell Surf System

Over the years boat manufacturers have constantly kept increasing the weight of boats and the amount of ballast they can hold. While displacement is a massive part of wave making, there is still much more to the science behind it. Supra's Swell Surf System with AutoWake gives to the flexibility to adjust your wave with ease to satisfy all skill levels.

Standard Vision Control System

Vision Control System

While operating your boat there is a lot of settings and information that you need readily at your disposal. Supra's Vision Control System provides the captain with two large and easy to navigate screens, along with a third screen in front of the observer seat. The captain is able to quickly access all of their settings in only a few taps and customize the information they want to see.

Standard FXOne Power Folding Tower

FXOne Power Tower

When it comes to luxury, being able to raise and lower your tower with the simple press of a button makes live a whole lot easier. Supra's FXOne Power Folding Tower comes standard across the lineup and allows for the driver to quickly and easily lower and raise the tower by simply holding a button. This tower design also provides exceptional rigidity.

Standard RGB Interior Lighting

RGB Cabin Lighting

Single color LED lights are a thing of the past with the Supra lineup. All new Supra boats come with RGB cabin lighting straight from the factory. This allows you to quickly change the feel of your boat with on the press of a button. All RGB lighting zones can be set to different colors or controlled as one through the vertical screen on the Vision Control System.

How These Features Compare To The Competition

Unlike many of their competitors, Supra has chosen to make many of their premium features standard. Rather than charging you thousands of dollars in addons, Supra includes premium features such as their non-skid flooring and multi-screen display system standard in all of their boats. Having sold many different brands over the years, we are confident that Supra provides the best in class standard features to take your experience on the water to a whole new level.

Supra Boats has tons of Premium Standard Features
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