Is Your Ballast Filling Slower Than Before?

Have You Changed Your Ballast Impellers Recently?

If you have owned your boat for more than one season, odds are it may be time to swap out those old ballast impellers. Along with your annual engine impeller change, we also advise you to change your ballast impellers too. Over time ballast impellers will wear out and possibly even break apart if they are not serviced regularly. An extremely common sign that it's time to swap out your impellers is slower fill times. As your impeller begins to wear down and develop pits on the edges it becomes less efficient and causes for the pump to work harder to fill your ballast.

Why Should I Change My Ballast Impellers

As newer boats pack more and more ballast from the factory, the ballast pumps have to move a lot more water to fill and drain the boat. The ballast impeller is an interchangeable wear part designed to prolong the life of the pump itself. Without properly maintained ballast impellers your pumps will have to run for a much longer duration to fill and drain your ballast. This will not only throw off your fill/drain timers, but it may also affect your boat's ability to utilize some of Supra & Moomba's features like AutoWake to it's full potential.

We Recommend Changing Your Ballast Impellers Every Season

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